What Do Customers Think of Your Business?

The best way to cement customer trust and loyalty is by asking them what they think of your business. Do you know how your clients would answer this question?

Getting customer opinions and feedback is one of the best ways to keep them satisfied with a product or service. Here are seven ways to help you discover what your customers think about your business.

1. Conduct an Online Survey

Online surveys are not limited to big companies. Have the survey pop up on your website after readers have spent a certain amount of time there. Also, you can send a survey to your customers after you’ve completed a service or delivered a product. Offer discounts for taking surveys to encourage them to take part.

2. Survey Customers on Social Media

Social media isn’t suitable for lengthy surveys, but it’s a good place to get feedback on simple questions. For instance, you can ask your customers ideas for a product name, giving them options to choose from.

3. Give Out Feedback Forms

Depending on your business, paper feedback can be a good way to get your customers’ feedback and opinions. Include a simple survey form with your next billing statement and deliver it to customers with the check. Also, have feedback forms available at the point of purchase.

4. Meet Your Customers Annually

Do you provide B2B services? If so, try meeting your customers once a year to find out what they think and feel about your business. Send them an introductory survey to complete before the meeting. This will help them think of any issues they may want to be resolved.

5. Listen In

Asking questions on social media platforms isn’t the only way to know what your customers think about your business. Using social media monitoring tools, you can stay up to date with what your customers are saying about your company online.

6. Check Your Web Analytics

Web analytics provide an indirect way to know what customers think about your company, particularly if you sell products or services online. Examine your analytics to see what parts of your website your audience visit more often, where they spend most of their time, and what they’re doing while they’re there. For instance, if half of your e-commerce shoppers abandon their carts midway the checkout process when they see the shipping costs, it means your shipping costs are (too) high.

7. Check Your Online Reviews

Is your company listed on online review sites? If so, these are a great way to find out how customers view your company. Rather than browsing the review sites, use tools like ReviewPush and ReviewTrackers to gather all your reviews in one place and analyze them. This will help you to stay up to date with customer opinions without wasting time.

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Super Visa Insurance Monthly Pay North York

It is a Visa for parents or grandparents. It is a temporary resident permit that allows parents and grandparents to stay for up to 2 years in Canada per visit. Issued for parents and grandparents of citizens or permanent residents in Canada. It has validity for up to 10 years. A regular multiple-entry visa is also valid for up to 10 years, but only allows stays of up to 6 months per visit.

What is the processing time of a Super Visa?

The approximate processing time of a SV is short and takes almost 8 weeks. There are also specific requirements that one must meet before applying for a SV.

What Are The Mandatory Requirements To Apply for This Visa?

The govt of Canada has laid down some mandatory rules for parents and grandparents to apply for a SV. Those rules are,
1) Proof of their relationship with the child or grandchild who must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
2) A copy of the child’s or grandchild’s birth certificate.
3) A proof of medical examination document.
4) An official document naming the applicant as the parent.
5) A satisfactory evidence of a private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company valid for one year from the date of entry.

Can The Parents Or Grandparents Work With A Super Visa?

No, the parents or grandparents are not permitted to work as their visa has the same restrictions as a visit visa holder.

What is a SV Insurance?

With the above information provided, now we know to whom a SV is issued and who apply for a SV. Not only the parents and grandparents require a SV, but also a medical insurance before entering Canada. The medical insurance should be no less than CAD $100,000 in coverage for health care, hospitalization and repatriation. This step is mandatory for the SV applicants.

SV applicants have to submit a proof of purchasing a medical insurance from a private insurance company.

There are a lot of medical insurance companies in Canada and North York has also got the best ones. People can go for SV insurance monthly pay North York. This facility of monthly pay gives a convenience of paying insurance charges monthly. This facility of monthly pay gives a convenience of paying insurance charges monthly.

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5 Reasons A Positive Approach/ Attitude Makes You Healthier!

Most people claim, they want to live a healthy, happy, personally – fulfilling life, but, very few, proactively, proceed, to do, what might optimize their chances, and opportunities! Possibility – thinkers are, almost, always, positioned, far – better, than those, who, look for every reason, something, might fail! It takes a true, positive, can – do, attitude, and corresponding, well – considered, consistent approach, to reduce your personal stress, and, often, your overall health, and well – being! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, there is, often, a significant, direct – correspondence, between, one’s personal mindset, and its impacts, etc.

1. Makes you proactive, instead of reactive: Procrastination is, perhaps, the greatest obstacle to personal achievement, happiness and well – being! When one procrastinates, he, often, puts off, until tomorrow, things, he should have done, yesterday! When one fails to take, well – considered, actions, he often does so, seemingly, believing, it will go away, by itself, but, in reality, all, that does, is makes overcoming challenges, more difficult, and much more stressful! Those who are proactive, instead of, reactive, usually, are best – prepared, for potential ramifications, and contingencies, and, thus, more – able, to cope!

2. Look at bigger – picture: Instead of failing to consider, all possibilities, one, generally, has the best chances, if/ when, he looks at the bigger – picture, rather than, trying to fool himself, and minimizing the needs, and necessary actions!

3. Believe you can!: You can believe you can, or believe you can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct! These words, often, attributed to Henry Ford, state the significance, and importance, of, your personal attitude, and beliefs! When/ if, you don’t believe in yourself, or, look, at what might go wrong, you will, consistently, position – yourself, to fail!

4. Take better care of self: If, you aren’t ready, willing, and/ or, able to take better care of yourself, by focusing on maximizing your positive attitude, and focus, your health will, invariably, be, negatively – impacted!

5. Willing to give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up: When was the last time, you, truly, took the time, and made a concerted, honest, effort, to conduct, an objective, introspective, personal look/ examination? In other words, when one gives himself, a check – up, from the neck – up, he better understand himself, his true goals, needs, and personal priorities, and becomes more capable, of helping yourself, in a real manner!

Those, who proceed with a well – considered, honest, realistic, positive, can – do, attitude/ mindset, usually, experience, far less stress, and, thus, help their overall health, and well – being! Are you ready, willing, and able, to serve your personal, self – interest, in this way?

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, and conducted personal development seminars, for 4 decades. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. Website:

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